updated 10.24.22
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You have arrived at the home page for my "Irish-traditional-style" compositions that I've been having fun with for a lot of years.

As of this moment, there are over 350 of these. I'd like to think they're all terrific, but over the course of time I've learned to be realistic. On the other hand, a tune that I may not think too much of may appear to you to be the BEST TUNE EVER!!! It's all part of the composing experience, and I ask nothing more of you than that you give these tunes a fighting chance to become part of your repertoire.

I've opted to do all this online for various reasons. The reason of primary interest to you the end-user is the degree of flexibility it allows me: I can make additions, amendments, corrections, and so forth to the contents in real time.

I have also tried to take full advantage of hyper-links to enable you to navigate easily between one part of this file and another.

Thanks for visiting and I sincerely hope you find at least 300 tunes you like!


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