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This is the place to start - linked with everything else on this page. Also linked to:

-  "Front of book" stuff (including a touching picture of yours truly bringing solace to a distressed quadruped),
-  A "user manual" that goes into more detail about contents and structure if you're interested


Has individual tunes listed, linked to PDFs (my beloved "Plus" files) and now including a column just for MP3s so you can hear what the tune sounds like without opening the PDF. Also includes the type, key, and ABC incipit.

Since no two browsers seem to handle PDFs in the same way, there's no guarantee you'll be able to click-open the onward links (under the tune) immediately upon accessing the page. But everything should work once you DOWNLOAD the PDF file to your hard drive. (Some browsers do this automatically, depending on how they're configured.)

If you continue to have problems even after downloading, try copying/pasting the URL from the page into your browser's address bar. As a last resort, enter the URL manually (or try another browser).

HTML tables are great for certain things but they're difficult to sort, so I have included an Excel spreadsheet version in case you want to arrange the tunes by type, key, etc.:

TMI dept.:
".zip" (= compressed file) is included because of a server peculiarity (i.e., can't handle .xlsx files but can read the .zip version [?]). When you download the .zip file, whatever decompression program you have will automatically kick in. On Mac the StuffIt app will ask you how/where to save the decompressed file; I presume the same happens on PC. In any event only the .xlsx suffix will appear on your hard drive. It's all the same file and will open in any spreadsheet app. 


This is where to start browsing - click on a volume (whose contents - not linked - are listed in the boxes underneath) and go through the pages till you've found two or three hundred tunes that you like!


This plain-text file contains the ABC versions of all the tunes (I'm not sure what all the gibberish is that you might see when you open the file in a browser, but it all disappears once you download it.) Finding a particular file is easy using Search/Find in your text editor - you probably won't even have to type the whole name.


With a bit of practice, you can if necessary access a PDF or MP3 directly from its folder, which - along with everything else on this site - resides (happily, one hopes) on the server. (TMI again?)

If you open a folder, however, you'll notice that tune names are not present. Instead they are listed by file ID number. The file ID is the three-digit/three-letter combination (e.g. 353uph) I use to coordinate the various file types.

The file ID can be found:
(1) in the sound file link under each tune (e.g. 353uph.mp3)
(2) shown in the F: field of the ABC

It's much easier to get to a specific tune via the Table, but you can access these files in whatever way works best for you!

PDF folder

Contains all the PDF "Plus" files (notation, links to sound file and ABC files) on the site.

MP3 folder

Contains all the MP3 files for the site.

I think that about covers it, but please . . .
If you have any corrections, comments, suggestions, mild criticisms, etc. to offer, they can be emailed to me. I promise to respond as soon as possble.

Finally . . .
Have fun!