(melody: Ar Éirinn Ni n-Eosfainn Ce hÍ)

Oh Lord and Creator of life
Who has made all the world that we see
Let it never be far from our minds
That all nature is sacred to Thee

The fish in the ocean's great deep
All the beautiful birds of the air
And the beasts in the wild forest green
Thou hast placed them all under our care -

All the flowers, the valleys and hills
Deep blue sky o'er the sea and the land
Yes, the rain and the snow and the clouds
They indeed are the work of Thy hand!

Help us always to treat them with love
And Thy good faithful stewards to be
As we see in the great and the small
The reflection of Thy majesty

But the greatest creation of all
Is that gift Thou hast chosen to give
Kindest blessing to daughters and sons
Who rejoice every day that we live

May we thank Thee by offering to share
With the poor who cry out in their need
Let our love soon respond to their call
Sacred words of Thy Son thus to heed!

Tiny heart of a child still unborn
Tired heart with its days near an end
We are sure they are safe in Thy hands
Not on us does the future depend:

No more innocent lives lost, we pray
Let Thy love replace sorrow and shame
May our praise of creation this day
Honor life in Thy Son's holy Name!

Words: Bill Black (new version 7/04)
© 1996 Sunphone Limited