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as of 5.18.21

This e-book contains all 349 tunes composed to date (5.18.21) by me. Some are old (1980's or so) and some are recent.
There will undoubtedly be additions to this book as time goes on. I will keep this page updated (in the 2nd header above), so please bookmark it and check it from time to time if you're interested.

Pages include the notation and my comments on the tune in addition to clickable links as described below. I hope you find the "liner notes" enjoyable and informative.

Click here for "front of the book" material (= title page, welcome, foreword; please pay particular attention to the Dedications
on page 7)

[1] The tune pages
In addition to the notation and commentary, each page is formatted to include links to:
(1) the type index (e.g. reel index for reels)
(2) the "all tune" index (includes all tunes in the book
(3) the sound file for the tune

These are found at the bottom of the tune page. They are intended to be active links that will open when you click on them.

If for whatever reason that option doesn't seem to work, you can always copy the URL (e.g. and paste it into your browser's address bar (opening a new tab to do so would be recommended).


There are two ways of accessing the tunes in this book. For want of more imaginative names, I cleverly call them "search" and "browse".


This is the procedure to follow when you know the name of the tune you want.

[a] if you know the type, open one of the TOC (table of contents) pages. These are organized by hornpipes, jigs, "kerry" tunes (polkas and slides), miscellaneous tunes (waltzes, marches), and reels. Links to these TOCs are at the bottom of this page.

[b] if you know the name but aren't sure of the type, open the "all tunes" TOC page and locate what you want.

All the TOC files are actively linked to the tunes, so that clicking on a tune name will open the page.

Note that the TOC pages also contain the key of the tune as well as an active link to the MP3 soundfile. This provides an opportunity to hear the tune before you open the PDF (keep in mind that the PDFs contain links to the same sound files).


For those of you who like to have an e-book function as closely as possible to a print book, I have provided a set of browse files that contain all the tunes of a particular type. The pages in these files are all fully linked.

Links to the browse files are at the bottom of this page.

Note that when you open a browse file, you should see a set of thumbnails in the left hand column (in Mac Preview at least) that represent the other tunes in that file. These can be swiped up and down for quick access to the contents.

Unfortunately Apple hasn't provided any way to put names on the thumbnails (no reason given). If someone can come up with a work-around for this, please share it with me. It would make life easier for all of us!


All the files can be printed out, but of course doing so will eliminate the clickable links.

As I mentioned above, however, any URL in the book can be enabled simply by copying and pasting it into your browser.


To help you get started, here are the links to the TOC and Browse files. To repeat: at the bottom of each tune page are
a set of three links, to the "type" index, "all-tune" index, and MP3 sound file. If you get lost, you can click on the all-tune
link on any page and restart your search from there!


Opening the directory page will show a list of files available in that folder. Click any of them to open.

    TOC =
    BROWSE =
    TOC =
    BROWSE =

    TOC =
    BROWSE =

    TOC =
    BROWSE =
    TOC =
    BROWSE =

All this may sound complicated, but it actually isn't. You can practice using it as much as you want without worrying about
damaging anything.

And if you have any questions, comments, criticisms, suggestion, you can always email me!

Have fun!

Bill Black
Bourne MA (Canalside)
May 2021