A/K/A The Good, the Bad, the Just Plain Silly, and the Perhaps Informative

"More literature than the average person will perhaps ever require."
- T. S. Eliot

updated 11/21/20

This website contains most of the writings of Mr. Bill Black of Bourne, MA.
He is a genial and mostly harmless individual who learned how to use a word processing program
at a fairly advanced age. Some years later, he learned how to set up a website. Cheesy perhaps,
but a website nonetheless, far from the prying eyes of "social media", "friends",
"hashtags", "twitter feeds", and all the other dreck society considers too important to live without.

As you may have noticed, there are no log-ins. Mr. Black quite honestly doesn't care who
visits this site, and he certainly has no interest in accumulating reams of personal information
on the folks who are nice enough to visit it. Your birthday, favorite foods, sexual preferences,
favorite sports teams, beloved pets, preferred celebrities, etc etc are quite honestly none of his goddam business,
nor does he think of them (with all due respect) as of any importance to anyone but you.

If you find his attitude disturbing and (inevitably perhaps) offensive, please gently close this webpage and
move down the InterWeb to something more in your personal Comfort Zone. That way there will be
no hard feelings on either side.

There's a section devoted to


... and one devoted to


... although some of the prose material looks more like poetry and vice-versa.
But the punctuation and spelling are pretty reliable and everything is rated G
so you don't have to block this site from your kids or pets, unless you have
a pathological need to assert yourself. But that's your problem!

(Note that very little of the poetry on the Scripta site actually rhymes. If it's rhymes you want [and who doesn't occasionally?], best bet would be a visit to Mr. Black's BBSongs website.)

There's also a section devoted to the various postings, sensible and inane, that Mr. Black
has made to the infamous Irish traditional music mailing list known to its members
as IRTRAD (correct pronunciation never decided), of which Mr. Black has been
a member since Fall 1995 (though his recent posting activity has been minimal, one
might even say miniscule.)

Most of the IRTRAD material would probably be of very limited interest to those not
involved in Irish traditional music, but in-joke boring as it may be, there's certainly nothing
there to offend, so feel free to partake if you wish.