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updated 12/22/22

Note on using the ABCs included in the Plus files

Index pages are now back to HTML format. I couldn't check links in the PDF versions.

Where more than one version of a tune is present in webABC, all versions will now be included in
a single PDF page. This will eliminate the need of opening various files to compare versions
(and will also make the index pages easier to navigate).

Unfortunately combining the various files may result in a loss of the sound file links.
I'm not sure of the reason for this but if it can be corrected, it will be.

Clicking on a letter in the table below will start a
download of the file to your browser.

You can locate any tune on the page quickly by using
your browser's search or find command.

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MA thru ME tunes
B tunes

MI thru MY tunes
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N tunes
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O tunes
E tunes

P-Q tunes
F tunes

R tunes
G tunes

S tunes
H tunes

T tunes
I tunes

U-V tunes
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X-Y-Z tunes
L tunes



"Tune title + link" column
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The tune titles are linked to "Plus" files (I had to call them something!). Clicking on the title will open the page, which contains standard notation, an ABC file, and a sound file (accessed by clicking on the underlined tune title on the page).

Any "notes and comments" on the tunes (including sources, composers, original keys where transposing has occurred, etc etc) are part of the ABC files attached to each PDF.

Because different browsers handle the Plus files in different ways, the most reliable way of accessing the ABCs in the Plus files is to download or "export" the file to your hard drive and then to copy/paste the ABC to a text editor.

This procedure seems to work regardless of what operating system, browser, or PDF program is involved.

If you have problems, remember that all ABCs are available in files wth the format[folder name]/[folder name]_ABC.txt.

Titles followed by an asterisk have been supplied (in the case of "gan ainm" [= nameless] tunes) or corrected by me. Following the example of my illustrious predecessors Francis O'Neill and Breandán Breathnach, I have taken this liberty in recognition of the fact that it is impossible to archive anything without a name (the result of "a lamentable heedlessness," in the Chief's great phrase).

 When assembling the tables I have tried to correct various collectors' attempts at spelling Gaelic names. The original versions are in the ABCs attached to each PDF. (Some remain mysteries - please share any ideas you might have!)

All the links have been tested and should work. If you find a bad one, please let me know via so I can repair it.

"type" column
= = = = = = = = = = =
If the captioned tune isn't clearly a dance tune, I have placed its time signature in the "type" column.

"folder" columns
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Contents of the webabc site are arranged by folders, each of which contains additional helpful files.

Click here for a key to folder abbreviations.

 Thanks to:
- Frank Weaver for his guidance with regards to the intricacies of HTML etc.
- Dave MacAdam and Pat Black for their suggestions and patience as "beta testers"
- Michael Pavan and John Chambers for their support 

REMINDER: once you open a tune index page,
you can use a Search or Find function
(command-F in Mac) to speed up your search!