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"Collection of Irish Airs and Jiggs with Variations" (John Murphy: Edinburgh 1809)
from "Irish Music Collection Online" (Na Piobairi Uilleann, Dublin)

Tunes Not Included in WEBABC
Note: not all tunes in the book have been included here; this is a list of the tunes omitted
(primarily because of duplication in other sources)

A Favorite Rondo - 01
Jackson's Morning Brush - 05
Coolin - 08
Gramachree Molly Ashtore - 13a
Jackson Over the Water - 16b
Ceaun Dubh Dileas - 16a
Green Woods of Trugh - 19b
Jackson's Night Cap - 19c
My Lodging's is on the Cold Ground - 20a
Lame Beggar - 22a
Port Gordon - 24a
Carolan's Devotion - 24b
I'll Go No More a-Roving - 25a
Carolan's Receipt - 26a
Ailen A Roon - 27a
Vour Neen Delish - 28c
To Leitrim Country  - 29a
Chilling O Guirie - 30
Kitty Tyrrell - 34a
A Bumper Squire Jones - 40a