Selections from
"New and Complete Instructions for the Union Pipes"
(S.T. Colclough; Dublin 1820)

folder name: nciup

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 Aldridge's  PDF 4/4 01aldr G G2G2 GABc|dBcA GBAG|A2A2 Afed|cBAG FAFD|
 Black Rock  PDF 9/8 02black G e2f d2e c2A|B2e e2A Bcd|
 Burns' Farewell  PDF 4/4 03burns C c2A2 A2GA|c2c2 d2cd|e2e2 efed|e2A2 G2ed|
 Colclough's  PDF 2/4 04colc G B2G2 GABc|dBcA G2Bc|dBgf edcB|c2A2 A2GA|
 College  PDF 4/4 05coll D G2G2 GABc|dBcA GBAG|A2A2 Afed|cBAG FAFD|
 Dainty Davy 1
 PDF 4/4 06dd4 G dcB BAB|AGF G2D|GBd BdB|GBd B2g|
 Dainty Davy 2
 PDF 6/8 07dd6 G gdec BcBA|GEDE G2FE|DGBG DGBG|DGBG B2df|
 Flowers of Edinburgh  PDF 4/4 08fedin G D2DE G3A|BGBd cBAG|FGEF DEFG|AFdF E3F|
 Granah Weale  PDF 6/8 09gran Em[Gm]
 B^cB AFD|B,EE E2F/G/|AGB AFE|DB,^C D2^c/e/|
 Highland Fabrick  PDF 6/8 10high G d3 dBG|dBG ABc|d3 dBG|ABc B2c|
 LaFlora  PDF 2/4 11flora G dBcA Ggfe|eddd d2cB|Aced cBAG|AGFE D2Bc|
 Life Let Us Cherish  PDF 6/8 12life G B3 cBc|d2g g2z|G3 AGA|BcB A2z|
 Lord Cathcart  PDF 6/8 13lord G DGB d2d|dcB A2c|BGd cAe|G3 F2D|
 Lord Moira's Welcome to Scotland  PDF 4/4 14lmwD [G]
 D2DE DAA2|GEFD EDCA,|D2DE DAA2|Bdce dedf|
 Miller of Drone  PDF 2/4 15miller G GEEG DBBD|GEEF GABA|GEEG DBBD|GABA G2GB/A/
 Miss Forbes' Farewell  PDF 2/4 16mff G B3d cBAG|B2d2 f3g|d3e dBAG|B2A2 A2GA|
 Munster Rake  PDF 9/8 17mrake G GBG AGE EDE|GBG AGF c2e|
 New May Moon  PDF 6/8 18nmm D d2d d2A|B2A A2A|d2d ede|f2d d2f|
 Rakes of Westmeath  PDF 9/8 19rakes D A2d FDF EGE|A2d FDF G2E|
 Scots Came o'r the Borders  PDF 6/8 20scots D DFA DFA|dfe d2A|DGB DGB|def e2d|
 Union Pipe Grand March  PDF 4/4 21upgm G G2GG G2DG|B2BB B2GB|d2dd dgdB|Addd d2zD|
 Union Pipe Quick Step  PDF 2/4 22upqs G G2GG B2BB|d2dd d2gg|dgBg dgbg|agab a2BA|