BB's Tune Set Suggestions

updated 3/26/18

You can enjoy these tunes together, individually, or in sets of your own creation. Have fun!

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ALEXANDER'S SETh'pipesPDFAlexander's - From Galway to Dublin - Hangman's Rope
APRIL JIG SETjigsPDFKillashandra Lasses - Young Tom Ennis - Hole in the Coat
ATLANTIC SETreelsPDFAtlantic Wave - Blackwater - McFadden's Handsome Daughter
BATH MEDLEY SETjigsPDFBath Medley - Trip to Sligo - Broken Lantern
BB HORNPIPE SETh'pipesPDFBill McEvoy's Fancy - Boys at Boland's Mills - Jim Boyce's
BOOGIE REEL SETreelsPDFBoogie Reel - Miss Johnson's - The Sandpiper
CANINE SETreelsPDFTerrier's Delight - Dogs Among the Bushes - Breem Dog
CEILI BAND MARCH SETmarchesPDFCaptain's Whiskers - Shane O'Neill's - Mountains of Pomeroy
COLD FROSTY SETh'pipesPDFCold Frosty Morning - Rosie Rogers' - McMahon's (Trip to Vermont)
CONNACHT SETreelsPDFConnacht Heifers - Farewell to Connaught - First House in Connacht
DUBLIN JIG SETjigsPDFDelights of Inchicore - Eblana's Fair Daughters - Girl from Old Bride Street
EAST CLARE SETreelsPDFHumors of Tulla - Humors of Scarriff (Andy McGann's #2) - Maid of Feakle
EAST GALWAY SETpolkasPDFBranch Line - Mike Coen's - All the Way to Galway
FANORE SETslidesPDFFanore - Paddy Fitz's - Worn Torn Petticoat
FELINE SETjigsPDFCat's Rambles - Puss in Boots - Cat in the Corner
FLOWER SETh'pipesPDFFlowers of Kilrush - Flowers of Edinburgh - Flowers of Antrim
"GET YOUR GOAT" SETjigsPDFBoiled Goat's Milk - Goat's Song - Goat in the Green
GREEN REEL SETreelsPDFGreen Mountain - Green Gates - Green Groves of Erin
HUNGRY MAMMALS SETmixedPDFCow that Ate the Blanket (jig) - Goat that Ate the Cabbage Plants (jig) -
Cat that Ate the Candle (reel)
JOE LIDDY POLKA SETpolkasPDFThe Corncrake - Fintan Charms the Donkeys - The Ford Steps
JOHN KIMMEL SETjigsPDFJohn Kimmel's - Paddy in London - Gillan's Apples
LAD O'BEIRNE'S SETreelPDFLad O'Beirne's 1 (key G) - Lad O'Beirne's 2 (key D) - The Providence
LADIES' REEL SETreelsPDFLady Anne Montgomery - Ladies' Pantalettes - Lady on the Island
polkasPDFPat Enright's - Paddy Scanlon's - Buddy Furey's - The Kinard
MAN IN THE MOON SETjigsPDFMan in the Moon - Solanus Casey's - Galloping O'Hogan
MARTIN MULHAIRE SETreelsPDFMulhaire's #9 - Grandpa Tommy's Ceili Band - Golden Keyboard
MARTIN WYNNE SETmixedPDFMartin Wynne's Strathspey - Martin Wynne's #3 - Ellen Wynne's
MEADOW JIG SETjigsPDFDown the Meadow - Diarmuid's - Basket of Turf (Sligo Lassies)
NEW YORK POLKA SETpolkasPDFKnocknaboul - As I Went Out Upon the Ice - Flying Squirrel
NIGHTINGALE SETjigsPDFNightingale - Humors of Cavan - Top of Cork Road (Father O'Flynn)
O'DRISCOLL'S BLARNEY SETpolkasPDFEllen Murray's #1 - Ellen Murray's #2 - Ellen Murray's #3
"OUR FEATHERED FRIENDS"reelsPDFMagpie's Nest - Chattering Magpie - Pretty Blue Seagull
PAT O'BRIEN'S FAVORITESreelsPDFMooncoin - Heathery Breeze - Corner House
SLIGO POLKA SETpolkasPDFPaddy in the Woods - Memories of Ballymote (Church St.) - Lakes of Sligo
SLIGO REEL SETreelsPDFBallintore Fancy - Humors of Lissadel - Boys of Ballisodare
TEMPLEGLANTINE SETslidesPDFTempleglantine - Where's the Cat? - Ballintoura (Teahan's)
VIRGINIA SETreelsPDFVirginia Reel - The Watchmaker - The Templehouse